Legacy of Living & Sparkles of Taste


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ISBN (print): 978-0-6206945-4-4

Legacy of Living & Sparkles of Taste captures the themes of family recipes and moments that tell the story of Khanyisa Malabi’s life through food.

Home Baked Buttermilk with Boiled Ground Nut Humus.
Magwinya with Goat’s Cheese topped with Roasted Tomatoes, Red Pepper and Olive Oil Vinaigrette.
Vusa and Organic Miroho rolled in Roasted Nuts and a side dish of Braised Chilli infused Organic Chicken.
Grilled Tilapia stuffed with Tomatoes, Spring Onions and Chilli, drizzled with Chilli, Tomato, Olive Oil and Anchovy Vinaigrette served on a bed of steamed cabbage.

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