For Black Girls: Who Have Yet to Forgive Themselves


ISBN (print): 978 1 990931 25 3

Zimkhita “Zee” was raised by a mother who took extra care to ensure her daughter has presentable hair despite the crown-robbing dread
of cancer that looms in their home.
Moon is not like other girls. Motswedi likes her too much to take her virginity and this does not quite sit well with her. She wants to be desirable.
Melissa’s mom is a Xhosa beauty but when people look at her, they see a white girl. This is NOT an age for white to be right.
FOR BLACK GIRLS who have yet to forgive themselves is a love letter to black girls.
The lives of three young women come together and unfold in poetic chaos; beautiful, unruly, obstinate and insistent on pursuing life on their own terms.
Zee, Moon and Melissa navigate sexuality, disease, death and the awakening of political consciousness in a country battling to realize its post-apartheid democratic ideals.
A combination of confessional storytelling, upliftment and motivation for young black women, promoting self acceptance, self worth and dignity.

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